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Shellbau is a company specialising in the construction of SIP  (Structured Insulated Panel) houses. Our company comprises several subsidiary companies with over 25 years of experience in the construction sector. Building a house often becomes a daunting task when the actual construction commences, and technical challenges are identified. When building a house, the initial visions usually fall apart when facing with the actual construction and technical issues. When building your dream home, it is crucial to maintain harmony among construction materials. This can be challenging when selecting materials in separate segments. Often, builders lack the competence to achieve the structural integrity of a building without overspending.

With extensive experience in the construction industry, we undertake to immerse ourselves in the design of your dream home while ensuring the appropriate provision of material. Our team will ensure that all materials for your home are assembled to the highest standards and delivered on time. We enjoy inspiring clients to choose the most creative and innovative solutions. Shellbau technology allows us to realize all dreams and create safe and sustainable homes. Let’s build the future together.



To become a leading manufacturer in the timber  house segment.


To maximise customer satisfaction at a cost effective price.

Key strategic objectives:

  1. Increase Shellbau’s visibility through a strategically built image.
  2. Develop customer loyalty.
  3. Provide maximum benefit to the customer through the quality-to-price ratio.
  4. Consistently expand globally.
  5. Attract experienced companies from around the world to grow together.

Our values:

  1. Respect: We accept everyone as they are, respecting each other, our clients, and business partners.
  2. Leadership: Our leaders foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and expect the same from others.
  3. Continuous Improvement: We are professionals who constantly learn and improve to meet new challenges efficiently and purposefully.
  4. Sustainability: We aim for long-lasting, consistent communication to achieve the best results.
  5. Teamwork: Together, the impossible becomes possible in pursuit of a common goal.
  6. Work Efficiency: We strive for the best results at optimal costs.
  7. Quality: We meet customer needs by offering high-quality materials.


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