Shellbau installation instruction

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ShellBau Shields

Shellbau panels are stored on pallets horizontally, protecting them from moisture and dust. The panels must be evenly supported over their entire surface. Before installation, Shellbau must be stored under the humidity conditions that will match their future usage conditions.

The system is without cold bridges and  corresponds to energy efficiency class A++. The parts are universal , do not depend on a specific project and are often stored, so when constructing a standard building, the deadline can be only a few days. Shellbau system is used for bottom, wall, ceiling and roof constructions. The elements are light, so no special equipment is needed, two people’s power is enough to install them. The building structure does not settle, so exterior and interior finishing can be started as soon as the main structures are installed. This gives this technology a significant advantage over standard construction. The main structures of the house are manufactured in the factory and only assembled on the construction site. The assembly process does not use “wet” technology, so the construction process is possible at any time of the year.